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JAYBEE will make every effort to release two upgrade versions annually. These versions contain many new features and bug fixes. The following information will provide guidelines to JAYBEE’s upgrade process and policies. The upgrade version is available to all JAYBEE customers who have a valid Support and Maintenance Agreement, and who have paid the relevant fees.


It is required that JAYBEE’s support team be involved in the upgrade process however upgrading does not require the presence of a JAYBEE representative at the site. All stages of the upgrade process can be done remotely by connecting JAYBEE’s support team to the site’s computers via pcAnywhere. JAYBEE requires the site’s ISM to take part in the upgrade process and to be available during all stages.


JAYBEE estimates that the upgrade process may last for about an hour during which it will not be possible to use the system for any purpose. Please notify all users ahead of time that the system will not be available during the date and time of upgrading, and allow them to prepare alternative manual systems whilst the computerized system is not available.

JAYBEE has allocated special times for system upgrades. The upgrade process should be initiated on Sunday to Wednesday. The upgrade process should begin between 9:00 AM and 14:00 PM. It is not possible to begin upgrading on any other day of the week.