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Development Policy

JAYBEE’s policy regarding customer-requested developments is as follows:


In the event that a customer requests a specific development, JAYBEE will evaluate it to determine whether the development requested is consistent with the objectives of the system, and whether it could be useful to other existing or potential customers. In addition, JAYBEE will also evaluate the amount of resources required for the development to determine the desirability of the requested development as well as its priority status. If it is accepted for addition to the development schedule, the development request will be prioritised together with the other developments, and will be delivered to the customer (and other customers) as soon as possible according to the development schedule.


It is JAYBEE’s policy to supply developments to the customer without additional charge. If, however, the implementation of the development requires on-site installation, the customer will be advised of this fact and the relevant fee for an on-site visit by a JAYBEE representative will apply. In the event that the specific development is not of broader interest but remains within the general objectives of the system, it is possible for the customer to separately fund the development if there is no alternative solution available. It is also possible for the customer to separately fund an acceleration of the priority of a particular development in the event that the delivery schedule is too long for the customer’s needs.


Please note that the Intellectual Property always remains that of JAYBEE under all circumstances.