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“What matters is that time and attention has been paid to the details beyond what’s strictly necessary to keep you warm and dry”

John Speranza, Tablet web magazine editor-in-chief

SmartButler® - modern CRM Software for hotels

SmartButler® is a reliable, stable and easy-to-use CRM system and app for use in hotels. It gives managers complete control over the hotel’s services and employees, allowing staff to give the guest full attention.

How does it work?

SmartButler® connects to your PMS system, allowing for the transfer of critical information and synchronization.

6 Reasons to have SmartButler®

Focuses on guest satisfaction and loyalty


Information is secure and backed up. No information is lost or deleted


Allows staff to work efficiently while being mobile


Moderate operating costs


User-friendly, intuitive and easy to use


Constantly being improved with additional features and New technologies


Our Solutions


“So that your clients won’t have to call twice”

Improve guest service, and make it smarter and more efficient.




“Know what you customers think of you”

Easy monitoring and analyzing feedback from your guests.




“All the hotel assets in your hand”

Wisely monitor and maintain your site’s assets and equipment, for total control of all hotel assets and systems.


“Don’t miss minibar payments any more”

A well-timed check on the minibar facilitates an accurate and effective charge to the guest bill.


“Provides all information that you need “

An efficient and easy framework to manage all duty manager calls and events.


“Works to keep guests happy”

To provide a better and faster service for guests.



“To know your guest better than ever”

A tool for the hotel to be in touch with guests to ascertain their level of satisfaction.




  • Interfaces available to Fidelio PMS (versions 7, 8 and Opera), OnQ, Crystal, Portel.
  • An interface to the hotel’s PMS system adds features and functionality to SmartButler®, such as automatically adding guest names and details to LogBook call tickets.
  • Some SmartButler® modules require an interface to the PMS system.  These include LogBook, HouseKeeping, MiniBar and FeedBack modules.
Gives the hotel staff the opportunity to provide a much more personal service.
History includes the guests' names making it easier to recall information in future.
It is possible to add features such as welcome services.
Charges can be made directly to the guest bill.
Automatic follow-up services can be offered after guests have checked out.


  • This is an interface between SmartButler® and Micros 9700.
  • The interface allows SmartButler® to automatically open room service tickets based on information entered into Micros terminals.
  • This provides control and follow-up on all room service orders. 
All room service orders are tracked and followed up.
This will provide improved quality of service for room service orders.
Room service revenues and guest satisfaction can be improved.


  • This interface provides the ability for user to communicate with SmartButler® in both directions.
  • This allows authorised users to receive SmartButler® call ticket information, and to update the system.
  • Communications are all down on a real-time basis, and can be undertaken in local languages.
SmartButler® call ticket information communicated in real-time.
Authorised users able to open call tickets from hand-held devices.
Communication between departments is improved.